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Touch and Go quick release kit compatible with Mini Euro Camera Plate

From July to November of 2017, multiple customers e-mailed us Design Team telling us that during shooting, they use Sachtler’s and O’Connor’s tripods. And they hope that we’d design a baseplate to be compatible with Touch and Go quick release plate that comes with those tripods. They need a good few of those baseplates so that it’s convenient for them to switch the camera rig to other shooting scenarios such as tripods, stabilizers and camera carts.

Customers responded that Euro Camera Plate is an industrial standard, also known as Touch and Go Plate. It is a quick, convenient and time-saving way to press the quick release plate to get it locked and to loose the lever to release the plate, which customers like a lot. However, given that competing products are rather pricy and that it’s not smooth to either lock or release the plate using the lever, customers hope SmallRig can design a product to improve it.

The specification of Touch and Go quick release plate is an industrial standard. There are two standard dimensions-80 mm and 120 mm. Many manufacturers pair them with quick release plate and base plate. Compared with general quick release system, it’s more convenient to install and can greatly save photographers’ time. SmallRig team decided to design the baseplate that is compatible with 80 mm Touch and Go plate, and able to enhance the experience of using it to attach/detach the camera, allowing more photographers to get their hands on this good system. At the beginning of 2018, we started the design process and uploaded it onto the Co-Design platform after 2 months’ structural testing. It thus invited more photographers to join and contribute to the product design.

With many sample testings done and customer feedback gathered, the internal structure of the base plate was modified multiple times to make it smoother to lock the quick release plate. The way the lever locks and prevents the plate from coming off was adjusted many times to ensure that quick attachment/detachment with one hand is possible and that once locked, the plate is secure and doesn’t wiggle. Multiple threaded holes and through holes are built-in to allow customers the convenience to mount the base plate onto different platforms. The solution was finalized in April. The whole product is light weight-only 330 g, but it has a payload of 13 kg. It’s very smooth to attach and detach a camera, and feels great to lock the plate using the lever.

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