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The Perfect View – Atomos Monitor Cage

Designer: Tom Truong, Fernando Fernandez T.


Photographer Tom Truong suggested us to design a cage for Atomos Shogun Flame. The cage is supposed to protect the monitor and prevent the SSD card from sliding.


Fernando Fernandez T. suggested NATO rail around the cage frame for quick release of handles. Using monitor on mirrorless DSLR like Sony a7 could lead to weight distribution problem: we decided to integrate another NATO rail at the bottom side of cage so user can adjust the weight center. Fernando also thought sun hood and the possibility of attaching external power was necessary.


We believed that the importance of protecting monitor has been underestimated in the market. The original concept was NATO rails on both top and bottom sides, wingnut HDMI cable clamp and sun hood (with hook n loop strap).


Since the prototype came out, more customers provided their insights, including adding more hollowed parts for better heat dissipation, improving the sun hood, etc. And this is the story of how SmallRig worked with end users to came up with a monitor exclusively designed for Atomos 7” monitors.


Comment from our customer Max – ”This cage was the perfect solution for me and, in my opinion is the best one on the market. The monitor sits securely inside, and it has a ton of mounting options. Perfect for a camera assistant like me.”

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