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The NATO Clamp to Arri Rosette Adapter

The story started from the days when we were co-designing GH5 case. The designer Eric by then had an idea: “The SmallRig cage is great for adding the wooden arri rosette handle. However, it would be much better if the cage could tightly connect the handle. This allows users to have easy access to all the buttons on the camera body.”

Later on John O’Kane provided his opinion to this idea: “Easy to adjust the handle’s angle and quick release would be the add-on.

Summing up their’ ideas as well as considering that the most SmallRig camera cages are designed with the NATO rail, we came up with another idea: Why not create a NATO clamp to Arri rosette adapter? It helps on the quick release and allows users to adjust the angles of the wooden Arri rosette handle (SmallRig 1941). The sleek and exquisite adapter you see now is actually modified and improved in sizes and compactness.

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