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Let DJI Ronin Grip stand on its own feet

– the story of SmallRig 25mm Rod Support Feet for DJI Ronin.

Dave Kratz had a difficult time using Ronin Grip: when he’s taking a break between scenes, he just couldn’t put the rig on ground because the Grip did not come with support feet. He had to either find a corner to set the system or disarm the camera. It could be unsafe and time consuming.

Most camera support rings at that time were not supposed to be used for fixed position video shooting, while many users thought support feet was a must-have. Dave tried a combination of SmallRig Rod Clamp 1860 and Manfrotto quick release plate, but found out it was not very stable, and it seemed to be too expensive for reaching a simple goal. We decided to design an universal support feet to solve the problem once and for all.

While we were prototyping this support foot, our customer Andrew Sidebottom brought it up that an extra cold shoe would be nice, so he could attach a monitor on the grip and watch from lower position. We took this idea.

Here is the comment from Andrew Sidebottom: Will do, that all makes sense and many thanks again for operating the co design process. I only wish more companies took this sort of approach, weirdly rewarding that my degree in Product Design has come in useful in such a round about way! Speak again in the future if I have any product needs that I think Small Rig might be able to help out with.

SmallRig 25mm Rod Support Feet for DJI Ronin-M/ Ronin-MX Grip/Freefly MoVI Ring 1914


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