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Design Story: RED Multi-Functional Ultra Slim Side Plates (Product ID: 2018)

The right side plate began when the designer Brad Scott wanted to experience a more comfortable handheld shooting with RED cameras. Unlike the full-coverage side plates, this right side plate doesn’t block the monitor surface, and it enables more handle connectivity and extensions.


The designer Luca Orlandi later on came up with the idea: why not add the same plate for the left side? But soon we realized that this design lacked the symmetry while handholding. Thanks to our client Kaku Ito that he helped to measure the left side of RED camera monitor after he received the free sample from us. With his help, a pair of side plates with the perfect balance and symmetry finally became a reality. In addition, the plates will not affect the use of pogo cable at all.


No reviews about this product 2018 are received till now. However, we’ve received lots of compliments from our followers after the pictures of the prototypes were posted on Facebook. Many of them have shown the interests in purchasing. One of the compliments says that the Arri 3/8’’ threaded holes are quite good and a handle can be added by attaching an extension arm to the rosette. After the client Kaku Ito saw the stretch design picture, he gave us his comments that the design is neat and versatile.


Rome wasn’t built in a day. So is our side plate 2018. We would love to thank the following people for the great contribution and the valuable advice: Nathan DuMoulin, Kaku Ito, Daniel Primo, Luca Orlandi, garet.js, Brad Scott, Melvin Betaphats, Jonathan Kronborg Grevsen.

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