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180 Degree Angle of View for Camera Monitors

Monitor is one of the biggest reasons of getting a camera rig. Videographers need to adjust the angle of view as well as the direction of camera. Sometimes external accessories block the monitor view.


“How to secure the monitor on camera/cage, while keeping it foldable for minimized storage size and maximized view angle?” – This question has been on the whiteboard of SmallRig design team for weeks.


The first proposal came from our customer Shijan: he wanted a solution that he could adjust monitor with one hand instead of two, and the monitor should be mounted firmly. Shijan came up with 3D graphic files so we could understand the concept better.


SmallRig started to develop a product based on this idea. Carson Greenhalgh asked us if 360 degree horizontal rotation was possible. We really appreciate this idea. However, this will complicate our design and raise the height of monitor mount. We gave up horizontal rotation for this particular item, but will definitely make it priority in next projects.


The new monitor tilt mount is available now (SmallRig Monitor Holder Mount 1842). Customers love it for its compact design, thumb screw (which can also be firmly locked by allen key) and adjustable tilt friction. In a word, this monitor mount makes video production easier.

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