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SmallRig GH5 Camera Rig Review

This is the second version of the SmallRig GH5 cage, SmallRig has improved the design of the top of the cage, clients gave a feedback on the blocks of the right buttons of the camera by the old version GH5 cage, now it is no longer a problem any more.

New SmallRig GH5 cage maintains the original great design and upgrades the users’ using experiences of the camera. This is very important and rare. Camera accessories productors make a product with users’ needs instead of their own imagination. SmallRig makes a example for this.

For more, SmallRig takes a full consideration of differentlevels of customer needs and values, they make camera accessories like camera rig for junior camera user or user who wants to buy the camera cage and top handle or something together as a comb, like SamllRig GH5 camera rig 2050.


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