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YouTube’s live TV service is available in half of all US homes

While other services, including Hulu, PlayStation Vue and SlingTV, have been available for a while now, YouTube TV is catching up fast. Launched in April to five basic metropolitan areas, the company added 11 new markets this July. Now, the live TV service has just announced 14 more markets, making its “skinny bundle” available to half the homes in the US. Subscribers to the YouTube service will also get two new networks, Newsy and the Tennis Channel for no extra charge, starting now. Customers in Boston will be able to stream the Red Sox’s pennant race on sports network NESN for free, too. The company is also planning to expand to 17 more markets in the coming weeks and months.

Photographer captures moment car slammed into counterprotesters in Charlottesville. It was his last day on the job.

Late last month, Ryan M. Kelly, a photographer for the Charlottesville, Va., Daily Progress, gave his two-week notice, announcing he would be leaving the newspaper for a job at a brewery in Richmond.

Facebook knew about Snap’s struggles months before the public

You may have only recently discovered that Snap isn’t having much luck attracting new users, but Facebook knew months before — and there’s a chance you helped it find out. The Wall Street Journal has learned just how Facebook has been using app usage data from Onavo Protect, the VPN-based security app from its Onavo team, to see how Snapchat adoption has changed over time. The social network looked at aggregated info about the frequency and duration of app use to determine that Snapchat use slowed down soon after Snapchat-like Instagram Stories became available. In other words, Facebook knew it could double down on its anti-Snap strategy within just a few months.

RCA’s new Roku TVs are dirt-cheap, if you can live without 4K

RCA is the latest brand to offer a line of Roku TVs and while they aren’t 4K, they are super affordable. Three models are included in the line — 50-inch, 43-inch and 32-inch versions priced at $499, $380 and $250, respectively. The larger two models are 1080p HD while the 32-inch is 720p.

Of course ‘Fallout 4’ will have a ‘game of the year’ edition

Much like the sun rises in the East, Bethesda has trotted out another game of the year edition for one of its open-world role-playing games. This time it’s Fallout 4. As you might expect, it includes everything that’s been released for the game since 2015 including its six add-on mission packs. This latest version will be released on September 26th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Official pricing isn’t available, but based on history, this probably won’t cost more than $60.

Get this zoomable 60X monocular lens for just $30

The cameras on today’s smartphones are already capable of capturing close-up images with incredible detail, but what about capturing more distant images? Most would agree that the zoom function on smartphone cameras can be pretty limited, and provides only modest image enlargement at the expense of clarity and precision. This Zoomable 60X Monocular smartphone attachment can zoom in on objects up to ¼ of a mile away, and you can grab it today for just $29.99, 70 percent off retail value.

Trump hits back at McConnell for ‘excessive expectations’ complaint

WASHINGTON — President Trump pushed back against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s recent comments that he has “excessive expectations” for Congress, as tensions between the Republican president and the majority leader escalate over the long August recess.