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Why not DIY a camera rig?—Smallrig GH5 camera kit review


Why not DIY a camera rig?Scott Dumas shows you how to attact all the stuff together to the smallrig GH5 cage. Even he tells you the points you should concern. If you are a GH5 user, just see the video and you will get everything from it.The cage benefits your Panasonic GH5 camera in video production by strengthening protection and stability and providing more mounting options.

For accessory attachment, the inherent shoe mount enables it to attach to microphone, and other shoe style accessories. It features NATO rails on both sides for NATO handle or other NATO compatible accessories. With multiple 1/4’’ & 3/8’’ threaded holes on the side, you can mount Rosette Bolt-On Mount 1939 for attaching SmallRig Wooden Handgrip 1941. At the front of the bottom, there comes with two threaded holes for attaching Metabones lens adapter support. Additionally, it is ideal to mount wrist strap with a build-in mounting hole on the right. What’s more, the further design of GH5 XLR protector, GH5 handle and base will be provided.

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