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Two Different Smallrig Cages for Sony a6300 a6500 Review

The video publisher ordered 2 cage from Smallrig at the same time for his Sony A6300, and A6500 which is on the way to him. Clearly, he opened the package from Smallrig and operate the camera cage in front of us.

Well, we can easily see that the package was done great and it is a whole one. Opening it we found it is well-packaged and everything was fine, they use the Pearl cotton plastic to prevent this cage from being damaged. It is such easy to set it up, and Smallrig have prepared all the tools you need to mount the threads. As you can see, the camera cage fits for the sony a6300 very well, and all the buttons and functions were not being influenced by the cage at all. You can easily get the battery and sorts of things like that.

What a camera cage can do? Just protecting? NO! So wrong of you. The handle can be attached to the cmaera cage and brings you convenience when you want to seize the camera, sony a6300 is not a big camera so may be not easy to grip.




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