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Smallrig Nikon D750 Camera Rig Review

Still do not know how to arm your Nikon D750? Let us see how CamTec Tv chanel on the Youtube say.

They are the user of Smallrig Nikon D750 camera cage and some related camera accessories of the same brand. Smallrig is a 9-year-old professional designer and manufacturer of all kinds of camera accessories. I think the photographer choose it as their trustful brand is because that Smallrig stands on the user’s shoes, and satisfies the needs of their customer.

Let us look this Nikon D750 camera rig. First the cage, it is a great all around cage for the Nikon D750 it allows many mounting options with all the mounting points it has. The cage is equipped with a Universal base with can be used with other cameras as well. It definitely is a low profile base which is great and the fasteners are smooth and tough.

Then it is the shoulder pad 1511, shoulder pad can keep the stability of the camera. This Kit is perfect for dv fans to avoid hand shaking or vibration while shooting. It’s also a MUST-HAVE item for travel or outdoor photography while using camcorders.

At last, it is the little tiny thing- U-base baseplate, it attaches to a camera with a 3/8″-16 or 1/4″-20 screw. The base plate features 15mm diameter and 60mm spaced rod holes that allows you to mount a follow focus, matte box, lens support or other accessories. it is not only for Nikon D750, it is fit for the current popular cameras, such as Sony FS7, Sony A7 series, Canon C100/C300/C500 etc.

Getting to know about how to choose the camera accessory? I believe you are on it. Smallrig also provides co-design and pre-order service for the clients. There is no doubt that you can just take a glipse of this trustful camera accessories supplier.


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