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New-get SmallRig Sony FS5 Baseplate Review

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If you’re a owner of Sony FS5 who is looking for some devices to rig up your camera, you may have read my review of the SmallRig FS5 Kit when looking for potential ways. Check out this small redesign that the company have done to their SmallRig FS5 Baseplate since then.


New-get SmallRig Sony FS5 Baseplate Review

Available on its own or as part of a larger accessory kit, the SmallRig Sony FS5 Baseplate could prove to be a key part of your rig. It features standard ARRI rosettes at either side to accommodate handles or other accessories, as well as standard 15mm rod slots. All of this is presented in a light and compact package specifically made to match the footprint of the Sony FS5.

However, a potential design flaw on the bottom of the original SmallRig Sony FS5 Baseplate was the distribution of the screw holes to mount a tripod quick release plate. Depending on the kind of plate — but especially with the shorter kind — you could find that it could end up way too far back. This would make the setup of a camera that already tends to be somewhat front heavy when used with larger lenses even more so. This becomes particularly evident when setting the camera down on a flat surface, especially as the rounded front of the baseplate follows the contour of the rosettes and is therefore quite prone to tipping on its nose.

                                  New-get SmallRig Sony FS5 Baseplate Review

A long QR plate solves the problem… But what if you use short ones?

I mentioned this potential problem on my original review, and SmallRig were quick to respond. They have upgraded the SmallRig FS5 Baseplate by placing another block across the bottom, splitting the slot for the camera screws into two sections, and thus gaining another 1/4” 20 mounting point further towards the front. This now allows you to use it along with the existing screw holes for a wider variety of placement possibilities when attaching a QR plate.

                               New-get SmallRig Sony FS5 Baseplate Review

New SmallRig FS5 Baseplate on the right. Notice the extra mounting point for QR plates.

Granted, this is not the most revolutionary of updates to a product, but it does show that SmallRig listens to its users. This kind of quick response is very nice to see from a company that brings out bespoke products for new camera models almost as soon as they hit the market and at a very competitive price.

Remember, SmallRig also provides the chances to publish your own ideas and co-design new products with them, with the opportunity for a sample for free if the your idea is adopted.

Do you use any SmallRig products? How do you think they stack up against the competition? Let us know in the comments below!

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