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Necessary For Film Makers—SmallRig Arri Rosette Handle Review

For film makers, it is not a easy job to hold the camera or video on the shoulder, at the same time, holding it is not the only thing they should do. How to keep the stablity and adjust the angle they want is also very important when shooting or taking videos. To solve the problem, Smallrig focuses on this and makes some progresses in the market of camera accessories. Their arri rosette handle can be a lot of help to these film makers.

SmallRig Arri Rosette Handle (Rubber) 1963 attaches to any Arri compatible rosette accessories with a M6 thread mounting hole. This handgrip comes with an Arri standard rosette (31.8mm diameter) and an M6-threaded locking lever. It allows free angle adjustment. It is equipped with a cold shoe mount, and you can attach additional accessories, like flash or LED video lights, microphone etc to it. The holding part is made of rubber, which increases the friction of hand for easy operation.

We search the market of camera rig, camera accessroies, and Smallrig is really better choice. It can reach our goal of the best quality and lower price, so it will be the first one to come in our mind when we are lack of camera and video accessories.

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