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Good Choice for Your GH4 Camera—-Smallrig Panasonic GH4 Cage Kit Review

This video is published by Sean J Vincent on YouTube, mainly talking about the Smallrig camera accessories, Panasonic GH4 camera rig, including a smallrig 1585 cage, a 15mm rail support system, a top handle and quick dovetail 1280.

The refined structure allows every access to your camera’s button and controls. You absolutly can press any button on the camera if you need to press them, you will not feel uncomfortable at all. At the same time, the threads on the bottom of the cage allows you attach SmallRig rods system to it. There is an inherent NATO rail on the left side allows you to attach EVF mount or Monitor without any effort. In total, this camera rig is a useful kit for the GH4 camera and I like it very much.

Holding a Smallrig GH4 camera cage is not just for the convenience, to professional photographer, it is an essential camera accessory. Camera cage hold all they need together, and let them work together. That is why you should have it. Do not hesitate to have it.

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