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Amazing SmallRig Versa Frame Cage Review

This week on the box If your looking for a lightweight, strong and attractive stabilizer, That works with a variety of DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras, Then look no further In da Box we have a SmallRig Versa Frame cage with accessories. Arriving in under 10 business days The box came with 6 different small rig accessories. The company did an excellent job on packing the products. After removing and inspecting each piece I was very pleased with the craftsmanship and build quality. The rig was simple to install and took less then 5 minutes. After being built the overall presentation was very professional. You can mount a microphone, a led light, a external monitor and more. Upon taking it out for a test the first thing I noticed is the wooden handles help prevent your hands from freezing in cold weather which is a benefit. The Smallrig is very comfortable to use and small enough so it isn’t an eye sore in public places Its very easy to operate and helps reduce the amount of vibration sent to the camera Totaling only $218.07 , I recommend all viewers to visit their website and build a rig that suits your needs!


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